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Biking in Delta CountyView of Jumbo Mtn

Here on Our Side of the Divide crowds are few and far between. There is a growing network of trails for use and more are being considered in the Master Trails Plan for the county. Working with our partners at DAMBike Association, BLM, USDA Forest Service, COPMOBA, and other trail managers/advocates/organizations, we are updating our resources to provide you with good information to plan your biking adventure down the fresh trails of Delta County.


Road Biking Trails

Delta County has identifued twenty-four road bike routes that offer a variety of lengths and diverse scenery. Trail Map and Descriptions

Back River Road – 19.5 Miles
Black Canyon Nat Park Lo – 28 Miles
Black Mesa – Crystal – 35.5 Miles
Bone Mesa Loop – 14 Miles
Cedar Road Loop – 32 Miles
Currant Creek Ramble – 30 Miles
Fruitgrower's Loop – 27 Miles
Fruitland Mesa Loop – 12 Miles
G-Out & G- In – 25 Miles
Grand Mesa - Out & Back – 32.5 Miles
Heaven & Hell – 42 Miles
High Mesa Loop – 44 Miles
Lamborn & Black Bridge L – 30 Miles
Lamborn Quickie – 17 Miles
McClure Pass – 35 Miles
Needlerock Loop – 32 Miles
Needlerock Short Loop – 11.5 Miles
North River Road Loop – 25 Miles
Orchard & Vineyard Long – 50 Miles
Orchard & Vineyard Short – 22.5 Miles
Pea Green Loop – 17 Miles
Tongue Creek Ramble – 31 Miles
Ute Trail Loop – 32 Miles

Mountain Biking Trails

Delta County is just being discovered as a mountain biking dream setting. With terrain that various in altitude, geography, geology and length - you are sure to find more than a few trails that meet your needs for challenge and enjoyment. Unlike other regional mountain meccas, we offer a fresh approach for your biking fun. Our trails are not packed with other riders, this provides you with ample choices and room to express your true riding nature without navigating a crowd. If you are a crowd surfer, you will need to look somewhere else!

Please follow biking etiquette when on the trails and avoid them after rains when they may be muddy. Keep the trails in good riding condition.

Sidewinder Trail System Sidewinder Trail Map

Escalante Triangle Escalante Triangle

Grand Mesa National Forest offers around 79 trail maps on their site. Here is a video of the Drop


Jumbo Mtn Jumbo Mtn System

Smith Mountain Trails


We know that your will want to stay once you get here. Visit our Lodging Page for information. We also have a number of campsites and dispersed camping areas. Check Out Recreation.Gov

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