Paonia Paella

Based in the quaint and picturesque North Fork Valley, Paonia Paella serves organic, fresh Spanish cuisine made from scratch. Everything is homemade, from classic Valencian paella to nutritious salads and Spanish omelet or “tortilla patata”.

Paonia Paella was the brainchild of couple Vicente Perez Martinez and Sarah Perez Sadler while they were living together in the beautiful city of Valencia, Spain.

Both Vicente and Sarah have a great love for cooking healthy, organic food and, of course, eating it too! They thought there could be nothing better than to make their passion their profession!

Cooking beside his grandfather as a young boy in Valencia, where Paella originated, Vicente naturally spent his childhood learning how to make this delicious dish. Throughout his adulthood he would host Paella parties and gatherings in the streets or in the “campo” of Spain, and over the course of many years Vicente perfected his own paella recipe.

As they planned their grand move to the United States, Sarah and Vicente thought of how special it would be to bring a little bit of Vicente’s culture and love of culinary practices with them to Paonia!

They are so excited to share authentic Spanish food and flavors of Spain with Paonia and the western slope.


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